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Thu Mar 16 20:51:20 CET 2006

Hi Jon,

Agreed.  And with luck, I'm all wet about the running code
in many IPP printers.  Note that the datatype did allow any
language tag up to 63 characters, although the documentation
erroneously described only simple 'lang-country' tags.

Programmers are lazy - they could easily be ignoring syntax
entirely and doing remove-from-right matching - which will
work fine if script is suppressed when not needed.

One reason for a bit of hope is the correct language tags
in the IETF Job Monitoring MIB v1 (RFC 2707), which has
shipped for many years from at least five printer vendors
and one operating system vendor.

On page 69 or RFC 2707, I originally wrote:

JmNaturalLanguageTagTC  ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION
    STATUS      current
        "An IETF RFC 1766-compliant 'language tag', with zero or more
        sub-tags that identify a natural language.  While RFC 1766
        specifies that the US-ASCII values are case-insensitive, this
        MIB specification requires that all characters SHALL be lower
        case in order to simplify comparing by management applications

        See section 3.6.1, entitled: 'Text generated by the server or
        device' and section 3.6.2, entitled: 'Text supplied by the job
    SYNTAX      OCTET STRING (SIZE (0..63))

Notice the complete absence of references to internal structure
or language/country codes.

All standards-based printer monitoring tools use the Job Mon MIB.

- Ira

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> McDonald, Ira wrote:
>  > PS - Thanks to Jon Hanna for just stating that since
>  > they do things wrong (subset of RFC 1766 et al), every
>  > network printer in the world today does NOT count as
>  > "running code".  That provided me a much needed laugh!
>  > Oddly, occasionally people still need to _print_ a
>  > document...
> I didn't say it wasn't running code, or even necessarily 
> wrong per se. I 
> just don't see that as running code governing RFC 1766 
> successors, not 
> being an application of RFC 1766.
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