[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

Jon Hanna jon at hackcraft.net
Thu Mar 16 11:33:53 CET 2006

McDonald, Ira wrote:
> Hi,
> I agree with Jon Hanna that IPP/1.0 (RFC 2566) and IPP/1.1 (RFC 2911)
> were wrong not to mention tags of the form 'i-xxx' and others that could
> legally be registered under RFC 1766 and later RFC 3066.  But there's
> some history to be explained here that still haunts the printing
> industry.

It seems to me that what they now have, for whatever reason, is a 
natural language identifier *based* on RFC 1766. Their system breaks on 
enough running examples of RFC1766 that I find it hard to consider it 
reasonable to take them as counting as "running code" in this instance.

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