[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed Mar 15 20:41:32 CET 2006

McDonald, Ira scripsit:

> Below is a verbatim quote from page 87 of IPP/1.1 (RFC2911):


>    The 'naturalLanguage' attribute syntax is a standard identifier for a
>    natural language and optionally a country.  The values for this
>    syntax type are defined by RFC 1766 [RFC1766].  


> I personally have seen code at Sharp and Xerox that specifically
> checks for language and optional country subtags and treats any
> other language-tag as a syntax error.

In that case, that code did not comply with RFC 1766, which provides
a specific set of syntax rules for language tags.  The types "xx" and
"xx-yy" are only a small subset of the full syntax.  (RFC 3066 extended
this syntax, and RFC 3066bis *restricts* it.)

Specifically, the language tags "i-ami", "i-bnn", "i-default",
"i-klingon", "i-lux", "i-mingo", "i-navajo", "i-pwn", "i-tao", "i-tay",
"i-tsu", "no-bok", "no-nyn", "zh-gan", "zh-guoyu", "zh-hakka", "zh-min",
"zh-min-nan", "zh-wuu", and "zh-yue" were all valid RFC 1766 tags as of
the publication of IPP/1.1, and a system claiming conformance to that
protocol cannot validly reject them.

(Some of these tags are or will be deprecated, but none were deprecated
at the time.)

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