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As much as the discussion of manuscripts and the meaning of "Latg" may be interesting, haven't we lost sight of what's actually needed? Isn't it the case that we only need a suppress-script tag for something like sga if that lang ID has been commonly used with a country ID -- e.g. sga-IE? Somehow I think that's not the case for sga or mga.

Even for ga, we can discuss whether the overwhelming majority of documents from the entire time period for Modern Irish has been in Latn or Latg, but is that the relevant question? Isn't it, rather, whether ga-IE has been widely used in ICTs and, if so, which script (Latn or Latg) was assumed? It seems to me that only if ga-IE hasn't been widely used do we need to consider in future potential usage whether there is one that would be considered the overwhelming default.

Peter Constable

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> scripsi:
> > I was actually referring to handwriting (manuscript) tradition.  The
> > letter shapes are much older than the dots or the pre-reform spelling
> > conventions; indeed, these shapes were used for Old English, which has
> > no dots, and would probably appear in Welsh manuscripts of comparable
> > age if we had any.
> Indeed, St. Cadfan's Church in Tywyn contains the oldest known Welsh
> inscription, and the letterforms are clearly insular:  see
> http://www.tywyn-ctc.org.uk/CImages/st-cadfans-stone.jpg
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