[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Mar 12 11:41:10 CET 2006

At 20:38 -0800 2006-03-11, McDonald, Ira wrote:

>EVERY single network printer in the world today happens to be a
>"pre3066bis tag-aware application" in their FIRMWARE (which will
>NOT get updated - these are not desktop-like systems).
>If you EXTERNALLY (in the control stream or print protocol)
>send a language tag and some document data to ANY existing
>printer and you use "en-Latn-US", only one of two things will
>(1) The print job will be rejected for an unsupported
>     mandatory-to-honor attribute.
>(2) The print job will be rendered in some arbitrary glyph
>     set, based on the administrator or manufacturer having
>     configured the printer's default natural language.

I do not understand a WORD of this. My laserprinter doesn't care what 
language the text I send to it is in. And lots of the things I send 
to it are images which are not in any language.
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