[uki18n] RE: [Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Mar 12 01:49:17 CET 2006

At 00:39 +0000 2006-03-12, Caoimhin O Donnaile wrote:

>But if this is really *all* that Latg is about - a font change! - then
>it seems to me to be just irrelevant and confusing having it as a script
>code at all, and the sooner it is deprecated and forgotten the better.

The reason the Latg and Latf script codes are in 
ISO 15924 is explained in ISO 15924. A library 
may hold an Irish book in the Cló Gaelach or in 
Cló Romhánach, and may use the codes to indicate 
what the book is printed in. This is a different 
order of script representation than a font 
distinction like Times/Helvetica.

See http://www.unicode.org/iso15924
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