[Suppress-Script] Yiddish

Caoimhin O Donnaile caoimhin at smo.uhi.ac.uk
Sat Mar 11 18:05:09 CET 2006

[Sorry, There I wrote Hebrew instead of Yiddish by mistake a couple of 
times in that footnote to my last message.  I'll rewrite it.]

On the Yiddish question, am I right in thinking that
Western Yiddish (Ethnologue: yih) was normally written in Latn while
Eastern Yiddish (Ethnologue: ydd) was and is normally written in Hebr?
Code "ji" is deprecated and replaced by "yi", which equates with
Ethnologue ydd.  See: http://www.ethnologue.com/14/show_iso639.asp?code=yi
In fact, yi is already in the Language Subtag Registry with
Suppress-Script: Hebr.


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