[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Mar 11 10:08:41 CET 2006

At 04:15 +0100 2006-03-11, Frank Ellermann wrote:
>John Cowan wrote:
>>>  ji Yiddish
>  >         Hebr
>Checking I found <http://www.hagalil.com/jidish/idx-jid.htm>
>as evidence (with tons of links to more evidence)

What is your point? Hebrew is the default script for Yiddish.

>  >> lad Ladino
>>          None: multiple scripts
>Seconded by <http://www.sephardicstudies.org/quickladino.html>

It states fairly clearly thate that Hebrew is the default script for Ladino.
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