[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Mar 11 05:07:52 CET 2006

David Starner scripsit:

> As much as the raw amount, I think that there's enough support for the
> Klingon script among Klingon speakers that assuming Latn is too much,
> and there's enough support for the Klingon script among a high enough
> percentage of a small enough population that in five or ten years,
> Klingon could be published almost soley in the Klingon script. Given
> that supress-script has to be stable to work, I think setting it to
> Latn today is dangerous.

I talked with Seqram about it, and he raised the same point, though he
doesn't think it's really harmful given the backward compatibility
motive.  Still, I'm certainly willing to drop this one.

> I'm also a bit concerned with the fact that it's going to have to be
> stable, but we don't necessarily have experts for all those languages
> on list. I think setting it without review is dangerous.

Oh, I agree.  I just want to develop a first cut and then get as wide
a review as possible.

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