ISO 639-3/Linguasphere language subtags

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Wed Mar 8 18:05:36 CET 2006

2006/3/5, Doug Ewell <dewell at>:
> "Eduardo Mendez" <eduamendez at gmail dot com> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I might need to register some language subtags.
> > This is for a statistical study.
> > Most are in the ISO 639-3 project.
> > Others are in Linguasphere.
> > Is this possible?
> > If it is proposed, will it be appealed?
> Proposed subtags aren't "appealed."  They are discussed on this list
> during a review period of at least two weeks, and in the end the
> Reviewer decides which proposals to approve and which to reject.

Dear Mr. Ewell,
I read the new RFC.
3.2: the decisions of the reviewer can be appealed.
They can be reversed.

I just need standard code IDs for a few languages.
Mr. Dalby's proposition seems good.
After you can discuss for IANA codes.
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