Delay in registering new ISO-based subtags

Michael Everson everson at
Tue Mar 7 17:14:07 CET 2006

At 13:13 -0800 2006-03-04, Doug Ewell wrote:
>I'm trying to find out the reason for the continued delay in 
>submitting the seven Language Subtag Modification forms to IANA, in 
>accordance with Section 3.3 of RFC 3066bis, as described on my Web 
>page [1].

Doug, I would like to treat these kinds of updates in the same way as 
we treat requests for new subtags, so I don't have to manage 
different processes.

Therefore, I would like to request that you forward, in separate 
messages, the seven messages to this list. This will also have the 
advantage of making the entire process transparent, which is 
something that is a concern to some.

So instead of asking me to check your website regularly for updates 
of this kind, and instead of you sending me a list of them all in one 
e-mail privately, please send them one-by-one to this list.

Please make sure the subject line is clear and unambiguous, thus:


where "xxx" is the code.

This way I just have to delete NEW- and send them along. That is my 
suggestion, anyway.

For these, as there is no need to review these over a fortnight, I 
will be able to send them right along.

I think this will help make things easier now and here on out. I hope 
you agree.
Michael Everson *

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