ISO 639-3/Linguasphere language subtags

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The data supporting ISO CD 639-6 is no longer based solely on the Linguasphere Register but rather on research and data compiled from a number of sources.  The hierarchical system uses 639-3 and 639-5 alpha3 language tags where available.


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Hi Eduardo,


Please read the relevant text:       


The short answer is “no”


The longer answer is that ISO 639-3 is envisioned for inclusion by revising RFC 3066bis once ISO 639-3 is finished and official and alpha4 codes are reserved for the possible future inclusion of ISO 639-6 (essentially the Linguasphere codes). The place to discuss making changes to include these codes is the LTRU working group of the IETF.


If you need a specific language code and it isn’t in the language subtag registry today, you can propose a code for it and it will be registered or not on its individual merits.




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I might need to register some language subtags.
This is for a statistical study. 
Most are in the ISO 639-3 project.
Others are in Linguasphere.
Is this possible?
If it is proposed, will it be appealed?
Eduardo Mendez 

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