Delay in registering new ISO-based subtags

Michael Everson everson at
Sun Mar 5 00:29:59 CET 2006

At 13:13 -0800 2006-03-04, Doug Ewell wrote:

>I'd like to know if the reason for this delay is:
>1.  Confusion over whether RFC 3066bis applies here; that is, 
>whether we are in the "RFC 3066bis era" yet.

I thought that the registry was cancelled and nothing could be added to it.

>2.  Confusion over whether Michael Everson is the Language Subtag 
>Reviewer responsible for this.

I don't know. I have not resigned (though I have been tempted, mostly 
due to receipt of mail from a particular loon). Several people have 
asked me specifically NOT to resign.

>IESG stated on February 21 [2] that "We also confirm that the IETF 
>language reviewer remains Michael Everson."

No one told me. Is it true?

>3.  Confusion over the procedure (or workload) necessary to make 
>this happen, or the appropriateness of the subtags.

I am happy to admit of confusion.

>I have done everything necessary to allow the Reviewer to 
>copy-and-paste the request forms into an e-mail that can simply be 
>forwarded to IANA. This would not take long.

No, it wouldn't. Am I the Reviewer?

>4.  Unavailability of the Reviewer.

I was in Thailand and Myanmar for a fortnight. I am home now.

>5.  Refusal to perform the action, or some other problem.

Michael Everson *

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