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Doug, what criteria do you use? Can you quantify "a semblance of a base of users of Cut Spelling" into something more measurable?

As an example, I wanted to know how much is the language tag de-1996 used. It is registered for about 5 years. The first trial by google:
The first entry explains the movie Største helte, De (1996). The next entries are similar:
- 1996 Grammy Nominees: Musik
- - 
- Viterbi: 1 Algorithmus, 4470 Patente - DE 1996 ... 4470 Patente
- Eclipse de Sol, 12 de octubre de 1996 - 12 de octubre de 1996 
I've checked list of newspapers at <>, de-1996 language tag was not present in the first few biggest that I checked.

I've checked the <> for guidance, but I haven't got anything useful.

So, what are the criteria?


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Without at least a semblance of a base of users of Cut Spelling that 
would take advantage of this new software, this particular project seems 
more like an exercise in localization than a true language tagging need. 
I'm inclined to recommend "en-x-cutspell" as Addison has.

Doug Ewell

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