Gwich'in (was: Re: language tag en-cutspell)

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Sat Jun 24 18:41:46 CEST 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:
> I'd like to know exactly what Descriptions each list member would like 
> to see for Gwich'in.  For example, "I'd like to see one with the ASCII 
> apostrophe and one with U+02BC."  If enough people reply, maybe we can 
> identify a listwide preference after all.

Ok, I’d like to avoid the ASCII apostrophe since that is NEVER the
proper spelling, just a fallback spelling. I don’t mind using it in
emails... But I really like to avoid getting that someone comes to
the conclusion that “The mark functions and should be processed
as an apostrophe ('), not as a right single quote (’).”
(though it’s an apostrophe, it’s not THAT apostrophe).

Furthermore, I don’t quite understand the remark someone made:
“Bad move to add it just because it is an English translation.”
(then in reference to “Ivory Coast”). For all of the Description fields
one has taken the purportedly English name (though that isn’t true
in all cases, for instance for ‘CI’) from the respective source
standards. One as not picked up the French name (when different),
nor the indigenous name (which is given for ISO language codes).

And I don’t see any good reason for not correcting it first in the LS
registry, and then petition for getting the spelling corrected in the
ISO standards.

	/kent k

I typed, directly, all punctuation above. No cut&paste or other
wor­karound. (Ok, it’s not a “standard” keyboard layout for this OS,
but it could be.)

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