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Kent Karlsson kentk at
Sun Jun 11 18:57:04 CEST 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:

> Type: language
> Subtag: nb
> Description: [RETAIN] Norwegian Bokmål
> Description: [ADD] Norwegian Bokmal
> Suppress-Script: Latn

Pardon me, but I think that is silly. It would be better in this case
to actually translate the name to English: "Book Norwegian". While
doing that translate also the name for "nn": "New Norwegian".
There is no point in repeating the language name ("Norwegian"
and "norsk") in the description of "nn". You can have as *alternative*
names "bokmål" and "nynorsk" respectively.

> Type: language
> Subtag: oc
> Description: [RETAIN] Occitan (post 1500)
> Description: [RETAIN] Provençal
> Description: [ADD] Provencal

The last line: please no. At least I read that as "provenkal"...

> Type: language
> Subtag: vo
> Description: [RETAIN] Volapük
> Description: [ADD] Volapuk

If anything, a better "ASCII-ified" version would be "Volapyk".

> Type: language
> Subtag: den
> Description: [DELETE] Slave (Athapascan)
> Description: [ADD] Slave
> Description: [ADD] Athapascan

1) This language is, I gather, now called "Slavey" (plus some other names,

2) And, I gather, it is of the "Athapascan" **language family**.

I.e., the entry for "ath" should have as its description "Athapascan
langauge (other)"
(though "other Athapascan language" would be even better...).

> Type: language
> Subtag: pro
> Description: [RETAIN] Provençal, Old (to 1500)
> Description: [ADD] Provencal, Old (to 1500)

The last line: please no.

> Type: region
> Subtag: AX
> Description: [RETAIN] Åland Islands
> Description: [ADD] Aland Islands

The last line: please no. Definitely no. And that territory is
really called "Åland", not "Åland Islands". (Besides, Å is
phonetically closer to O than to A...)

> Type: region
> Subtag: CI
> Description: [DELETE] Côte d'Ivoire
> Description: [ADD] Côte d’Ivoire
> Description: [ADD] Cote d'Ivoire

The last line: please no. You could translate it to "Ivory Cost".

> Type: region
> Subtag: RE
> Description: [RETAIN] Réunion
> Description: [ADD] Reunion

The last line: please no.

                /kent k

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