ISO 639 - New item approved - N'Ko

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Jun 8 19:54:29 CEST 2006

At 13:47 -0400 2006-06-08, John Cowan wrote:
>Michael Everson scripsit:
>>  Searching for apostrophe and single quote regularly yields the same
>>  result, unless a "exactly as spelled" parameter is checked. You can
>>  try this for yourself.
>Searching using what?

Quark XPress, for instance. I don't know, John. I'm pretty sure words 
like "don't" and "I'm" are typically counted to be identical whether 
the apostrophe or the single quote are being used, unless you set 
something like "exactly what I type".

I don't understand why this is an issue.
Michael Everson *

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