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It is not a requirement in the spec that it "reflects the underlying

"The field 'Description' MAY appear more than one time. At least one of the
'Description' fields MUST contain a description of the tag being registered
written or transcribed into the Latin script; the same or additional fields
MAY also include a description in a non-Latin script. The 'Description'
field is used for identification purposes and SHOULD NOT be taken to
represent the actual native name of the language or variation or to be in
any particular language. Most descriptions are taken directly from source
standards such as ISO 639 or ISO 3166."

That being said, what we specifically didn't want was for the description to
have multiple transcriptions, rather than use a source that is designed to
have the names of entities in different languages (like CLDR).


On 6/7/06, John Cowan <cowan at> wrote:
> Richard Ishida scripsit:
> > There are precedents for multiple descriptions already, eg.
> >
> > Type: language
> > Subtag: cu
> > Description: Church Slavic
> > Description: Old Slavonic
> > Description: Church Slavonic
> > Description: Old Bulgarian
> > Description: Old Church Slavonic
> > Added: 2005-10-16
> That reflects the underlying standard providing more than one name.
> That is not the case for N'Ko.
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