Doug Ewell dewell at
Tue Jul 4 00:57:59 CEST 2006

Based on the responses so far, *for Ethiopic only*, there seems to be 
general agreement that we should add both Description fields, one with 
the modifier letter U+02BB and one with the plain ASCII apostrophe.

This does not extend to the other subtags that currently have one type 
of apostrophe or another.  Some list members preferred to add the U+02BB 
version here because it was specified in ISO 15924, others because it 
was the "correct" character.  Because other subtags -- based on other 
standards -- do not necessarily have the "correct" apostrophe, these 
people would disagree and there would be no consensus at present for 
changing them.

When Michael returns, I invite him to suggest the "correct" apostrophe 
or modifier letter for Ol Cemet' (currently indicated with an ASCII 
apostrophe, which I know he dislikes) and change it accordingly in ISO 
15924 so the script subtag "Olck" can be added with the description(s) 
people want to see.

I've left the File-Date and Added dates the same as in the previous 
modification form, but note that all dates in outstanding proposals 
should be updated on the day they are submitted to IANA.

File-Date: 2006-06-28
Type: script
Subtag: Ethi
Description: Ethiopic (Geʻez)
Description: Ethiopic (Ge'ez)
Added: 2006-06-28

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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