language subtag registration request: Region EU

Michael Everson everson at
Sat Jan 14 10:55:40 CET 2006

At 17:55 -0800 2006-01-13, Mark Davis wrote:

>Now, what is *really* screwy is ISO 3166, with this bizarre system 
>of 4 classes of assignment with these oddball "reserved" codes, plus 
>a very special (if you look at the site from the link Markus passed 
>out), very singular status for "EU". What would make all of our 
>lives easier is if they just called a horse a horse, and said that 
>EU is just a regularly assigned code. After all, there are many 
>other entities that they have *no* problem giving codes to that not, 
>by any stretch of the imagination, "countries".

Like AQ?
Michael Everson *

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