ADMIN: Suspension of posting privilleges for Jefsey Morfin

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Fri Jan 13 17:41:39 CET 2006

--On fredag, januar 13, 2006 17:17:29 +0100 Brian E Carpenter 
<brc at> wrote:

>> The way I try to make sense of how the IETF works, if it didn't behave
>> as if it was subject to RFC 3934, the IETF would be justified in asking
>> someone else to take on the job of running the list.
> Harald, I believe it would have better if you had phrased it as
> "by analogy with RFC 3934" rather than "according to RFC 3934"
> which is specific to WG lists. But indeed people should note that
> the languages list is an official IETF non-WG list (shown at
> The IESG has
> considered in the past that applying RFC 3934 by analogy is
> reasonable for such lists (including the appeal process, which
> JFC is currently using for his previous ban).

I don't see any practical difference between the two terms.

By applying the analogy between a WG list and the ietf-languages list, I am 
behaving according to RFC 3934. Que?

But this list has people who know English far better than me; I'm still 
sometimes tripped up by the convolutions of the en-US language.


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