language subtag registration request: Region EU

Tex Texin tex at
Fri Jan 13 12:37:30 CET 2006

For me, the question would be whether EU represents:

1) the collection of countries at the time the tag was defined, or 
2) the collection of countries at the time the tag is assigned to some
content, or 
3) is it the collection of countries at the time I process the tag?

If I access content with an EU subtag, what countries are represented? 

If the significance of EU is #2, then how do I know when it was assigned? 

If #3, then the definition of the content is changing after it is published
as the code is continuously redefined.

If #1, then it is pretty much useless or at least outdated. We would need to
define some new subtags every time the EU changes.
Or we should only use EU with a year (or perhaps a full date) variant

It probably only is meaningful if the EU were actually to publish
glossaries, spelling and grammar rules for some languages, so that you could
refer to en-EU as english as defined and legislated by the European Union.


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