Language Subtag Registration Form: variant "signed"

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Feb 26 04:18:59 CET 2006

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> Remember to reread Section 3.7 of draft-registry.  It would be necessary 
> to establish a "maintaining or registering authority," complete with an 
> RFC and a discussion list much like this one.  Also, the RFC would 
> explicitly have to specify the "en" and "us" as well as any other 
> subtags appearing after the "s-"; it would not be acceptable to 
> grandfather all the existing subtags in.

I was actually thinking of a loopback: the maintaining authority would
be IANA, and the valid sequences of subtags after an -s- would be
precisely the valid RFC 3066bis (and successor) language tags,
excepting those that begin with "sgn", which would be ruled out by
the extension RFC to prevent loops.

In that way, it would be possible to express a signed version of any
spoken language using signs drawn from any sign language.

> I'll still help in this effort if you like, and if that is the way it is 
> decided we should go, but it's worth pointing out that the entry 
> requirements are high.

So they are, and I appreciate the offer.

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