Sign languages (was: Re: additions to ISO 639 and the IANA language subtag registry)

Michael Everson everson at
Wed Feb 22 17:23:35 CET 2006

At 19:12 -0800 2006-02-20, Mark Crispin wrote:
>On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, John Cowan wrote:
>>    Eskimo SL (not in 639-3 yet)
>Is "Eskimo" really a language?
>AFAIK, there are two major "Eskimo" languages: Yup'ik and Inupiaq 
>(also called Inuktiut and Kalaalisuit); there are also many dialects.

This isn't correct. Eskimo is a term which can be used to describe 
the family of languages which runs from Siberia along to Greenland. 
There are certainly more than two of these. The Ethnologue can give 
you more information on this.
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