additions to ISO 639 and the IANA language subtag registry

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Tue Feb 21 22:59:04 CET 2006

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> > I'm just trying to understand what the operation principles
> > are here.
> The principle is "stability forever", you can never add a new
> subtag x if an old subtag x is already registered, deprecated
> or not.

Yes, I understand that, and find that expressed in 3066bis.

> Conflicts across different types of subtags are okay, the 3066,
> 3066bis, and matching syntax guarantee that region XY cannot
> be confused with language XY.  Dito "extlang" when/if it will
> be enabled in 3066ter,  Dito Debbie's alpha4 codes when/if
> that will be added.

That also is not what I'm concerned about.

> Everything from the source standards has to be registered if
> there is no conflict for the given type.

Where exactly is this stated? *That* is precisely my question.

Peter Constable

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