Sign languages (was: Re: additions to ISO 639 and the IANA language subtag registry)

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Feb 21 18:43:22 CET 2006

Michael Everson scripsit:

> I think using the 2-letter code for Ghana plus a 
> modifier might be better here. That is what we 
> used for Martha's Vineyard SL, isn't it?

MVSL has no registered code, so we can do what we like with it.
In any case, the 3166-2 modifiers are too short; we would need to
go with sgn-US-martha and sgn-GH-adamo or some such.

> In general I favour whaat John has suggested. I 
> would LIKE to work with Phil Blair and his 
> contacts at Gallaudet on this. Can we take time 
> to do that? It will take time.

Yes, certainly.  All this won't become live until the next round of
revisions, after ISO 639-3 becomes available.

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