zxx (was: Language subtag modification request: frrSuppres-Script Latn)

Tex Texin tex at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Feb 21 14:19:43 CET 2006

> "und" is not "no linguistic content"; it means that the 
> language in use is unknown.  My upstairs neighbor is at the 
> moment yelling in some undetermined language, but I don't 
> doubt it *is* language.  My cat, on the other hand, speaks "zxx".

How do you know your cat's speech has no linguistic content?
Are there no cat whisperers?

At the moment there are 3 cats outside my window yelling and crying "it is
cold and I want milk".
(I am pretty sure that is what they are crying.)

(My neighbor better do something to shut them up very soon.)

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