Language Subtag Reviewer Appointment Plan

Scott Hollenbeck sah at
Mon Feb 20 13:19:28 CET 2006

With a few administrative details now clarified, I wanted to let the members
of this list know how the IESG will proceed to appoint a Language Subtag
Reviewer as described in draft-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt.

The matter will be discussed during the next IESG telechat on 2 March 2006.
The IESG's decision will be announced in the usual places; I will ensure
that this list receives a copy.  The appointed reviewer will then be free to
delegate whichever administrative tasks that he or she feels is appropriate.
I strongly suggest that the reviewer's delegation decisions should be
announced to this list to ensure that there is no ambiguity over the roles
being played by the people involved.


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