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Michael Everson everson at
Mon Feb 20 06:52:30 CET 2006


>I'm not going to mince words: you are out of line.

Well, that makes two of us. I found your private e-mails to come 
completely out of the blue, and found your pressing me to be 
aggressive. I don't LIKE private messages about this matter.

I note with irritation that I just received private e-mail from 
Morfin on this matter, though I have told him not to send me mail for 
any reason.

>I sent you a private message because the 3066bis document describes the role
>and responsibilities of the language tag reviewer.  It is NOT the same as is
>described in RFCs 1766 and 3066.  Give those changes, and the fact that the
>IESG has been asked to confirm the appointment of a language tag reviewer,
>Ted and I wanted to be sure that you are willing to continue in the role.

I am willing to continue in the role of language tag reviewer, that 
is, someone who reviews language tags, so long as the members of the 
ietf-languages list are content that I continue to do so.

>Read the document, please, before you make unfounded assumptions about
>intent.  There is a time constraint, and we need to know what you're
>interested in doing.

I am not interested in moderating the ietf-languages list.

>Since you responded the way you did, though, I'll ask here: are you willing
>to continue in the role under the terms described in 3066bis?  The document
>can be found here:
>Look at section 3.2 in particular.

Why on earth did you add list moderation to the duties of the 
language-tag reviewer without (at least) asking the encumbant 
reviewer what his opinion is?

I think between Doug and Harald and me this work can proceed.
Michael Everson *

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