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Michael Everson everson at
Mon Feb 20 06:41:32 CET 2006

At 17:52 +0100 2006-02-19, Frank Ellermann wrote:

>You didn't participate in LTRU, therefore we were forced to guess 
>which authority and leeway future subtag reviewers might need.

Of course not. It took me ages to get that discussion off this list 
and onto the LTRU list.

>Six articles (June 2005) about list management in LTRU:

I am NOT going to look at any of those. I'm sorry. My time is at a premium.

>IIRC the IESG, Harald or you never stated any preferences about this.

I just have.

>IMO you could delegate list moderation to a volunteer if that's how 
>you wish it to be done.

Why should the Language Tag Reviewer be required to do ANYTHING but 
Review Language Tags?
Michael Everson *

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