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Sun Feb 19 20:49:41 CET 2006

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> Scott -
> With all due respect, Michael has been repeatedly provoked; 
> and the person behind the provocations hides behind the IESG's skirts.
> That individual's abuse is the direct cause of Michael's not 
> being available to comment/contribute to the LTRU 
> decision-making process of the language tag reviewer.
> I didn't participate in LTRU either.  The less that I heard 
> from that individual, the happier I was.
> It's akin to saying "we had a democratic election, it's too 
> late to complain now" when "filibustering" was used to shut 
> out that person from the decision-making process.
> I believe that Michael's concerns should be considered and 
> addressed.  If that means last-minute pushback or amendment 
> of 3066bis, so be it.

Mark, I'm not averse to making a change to 3066bis before it pops out.
Nothing is cast in concrete.  To find out if that was necessary, though, I
sent Michael some private messages to let him know about the changes in
3066bis and to ask him if he's willing to continue under those terms.  Ted
and I are trying to get this addressed in time for the next IESG telechat,
so there is a time constraint.  You saw the reply I received.

As for the provocation: the IESG is currently reviewing the results of the
pr-action last call.  Thank you to all of you who shared an opinion.


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