Language subtag modification request: frr Suppress-Script Latn

Tex Texin tex at
Thu Feb 16 16:29:26 CET 2006

Doug, I wasn't question that the subtag be added.
But adding it and then modifying it, seems risky to me as a general rule.
It creates opportunities for the tag to be used and then have its meaning
subtly changed.

I was just offering a way to have the tag added without that risk, in the
context of the rules that we are following.

Doug Ewell wrote:
> Tex Texin <tex at xencraft dot com> wrote:
> > guys,
> > How about the reviewer reject it with the comment that we should
> > consider the modification and just do it once with consensus...
> Because "consensus" has nothing to do with adding subtags that
> correspond to code elements in the core standards.
> Really, this is quite different from the individual-request case.  The
> Reviewer has little or no say in whether a subtag like 'frr' should be
> added.  Even if he questioned the scholarship or doubted that 'frr' was
> really a separate language from 'fy', he must still approve the subtag
> because of its existence in ISO 639.
> This goes for the list as well.  It makes no difference whether we like
> this subtag, or build "consensus" around adding it.
> Are I off-base on this?  Is everyone else reading Sections 3.3 and 3.5
> differently from the way I am?
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