[Ltru] RE: [newsml-2] japanese scripts

Luc Pardon lucp at skopos.be
Sat Feb 11 17:57:06 CET 2006

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> my advice would be to use them - and let the bureaucracies of the IETF 
> take their own sweet time.
> The only thing we can do to help them along is to finish the comparator 
> draft (and - shame on me - I need to review it again :-( )
>                 Harald

    And what should I do ?

    As some of you may recall, I submitted a request for registration of 
el-Latn (Greek with Latin script) in September last year, under the then 
current RFC 3066 rules. The registration was approved on 28 Sept 2005. 
It is my understanding that it should have been added to the 
then-current registry but it was not.

    The registry is now closed (FWIW, it is unclear to me when, by whom 
and on what formal grounds, since RFC 3066 is still BCP and BCP47 still 
points to RFC3066), the current version of "the successor to RFC 3066" 
(from my layman's reading of 
http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt) is 
still in draft, has been so since 14 October 2005 and will expire on 17 
April 2006, i.e. in about two months.

    I suppose the advice would be the same: just go ahead and use it to 
your hearts desire. Which, in my book, translates to: just ignore IETF 
standards and do as you please.

    Which leaves me wondering why I bothered. It has been a waste of 
time. Silly me.

    Extrapolating, I wonder why anyone would bother to submit anything 
for registration at all, if the outcome is "just go ahead and use it" 

    If IETF/IANA wants to make itself irrelevant, it only has to keep 
the various registrations proces(ses) as "efficient and smooth" as they 
apparently are and stand by as people do what they need to do to fulfill 
real needs they have in real life.

    Just a view from the outside ...

    Best regards,

    Luc Pardon
    Skopos Consulting

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