(was: [newsml-2] japanese scripts)

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Fri Feb 10 22:44:50 CET 2006

Misha Wolf wrote:

> I suppose that if the IETF takes much longer to move 
> RFC 3066 bis to RFC status,

It is already an approved RfC, it only hasn't got its
number yet.

> we may have to lobby for the RFC 3066 registry to be
> re-opened.

Why not just use the new registry ?  All that's missing
in 3066bis is to determine a "TBD" in [RFCTBD] and a
few other procedural details.

> We're now stuck between one system which has closed
> and another which has not yet opened.

I'm aware of the "closed" part, but where did you find
"not yet opened" ?  The idea was to close the old IANA
registry when the new is opened.

                         Bye, Frank

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