Framing the Alpha-3 turf

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Dec 21 16:41:22 CET 2006

H?vard  Hjulstad scripsit:

> The ISO 639 series will in some not very distant future be published as
> a "Standard as database". The exact format is still to be decided, but
> a couple of things are certain: (1) The "format" of ISO 639 (including
> the division into parts) will change. (2) The administrative routines
> around ISO 639 will change.

I hope this does not mean that the information in 639 will cease to be
available without charge.  (ISO 3166, e.g., publishes HTML and plain
text versions of its database without charge, and charges for the
Microsoft Access versions.)

> More information about this will be circulated as soon as things get
> more sorted out.

Excellent, and thanks for the preliminary heads-up.

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