Is there a subtag for 'plain English' or 'simplified English'

Marion Gunn mgunn at
Thu Dec 21 10:06:11 CET 2006

Please, please, be serious - look, I even used a smiley below! -  
there is no problem with tagging the content of Irish text - only  
with tagging its sometime presentation (IPA).

On 20 Dec 2006, at 14:38, scríobh Doug Ewell:

> Marion Gunn <mgunn at egt dot ie> wrote:
>> Fair enough. As a translator and manager of a stable of  
>> translators, I have to deal with everything from legal language,  
>> to technical, to plain English for non-native speakers of English/ 
>> Irish (I manage to make life easier for myself and my translators  
>> by treating such texts as  different dialects of English and of  
>> Irish).
>> If you can think of some way of tagging such different texts, fine  
>> - otherwise, better justs forget it!:-)
> Unless you have clear, interoperable definitions for concepts like  
> "legal" and "technical" and "plain," I would suggest that this is a  
> perfect application of private-use subtags:
> en-x-legal
> en-x-tech
> en-x-plain
> ga-x-legal
> ga-x-tech
> ga-x-plain

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