Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c Resubmitted!

Peter Constable petercon at
Mon Dec 18 21:49:55 CET 2006

> From: CE Whitehead [mailto:cewcathar at]

> >So, at the very least, if these two prefix fields are part of the
> >registration for "1606Nict" then it is necessary to explain what is the
> >intended semantic distinction between "fr-1606Nict" and "frm-1606Nict".
> Hi, it would depend on the exact language in the document; to have two
> tags
> allows the content authors to use judgement.

So, what you're saying is that the meaning of the tag is determined by the content it is tagging? 

If so, that is *not* how metadata attribute tagging works. These things are used to declare something about the content they tag, and *what* they declare is determined entirely independently of the particular content.

> What is the distinction between en and OED English?

The category represented by "en" encompasses that of "OED" -- that is, "OED" refers to a particular written form of "en".

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