Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Thu Dec 14 00:26:59 CET 2006


>"Don said:
> > "If all that fails and the time references really
> > are the only ones that are appropriate, then perhaps 16me-s and 17me-s
> > (or 16ème-s & 17ème-s) would be better indicated."

Caoimhin replied:
>"Évidemment!  It seems to me that if the tags are indended to be
>purely specific to French, to help modern French speakers, then they
>should be in French - 16mes or whatever, rather than 16thc."

Thanks for your input; I am willing to consider your suggestion; but the 
tags would have to be something like:


without the hyphen
as that alas I cannot keep as that is used to separate the various subtags 
of the language tag.

or maybe:

Either works fine for me; I worry though that with just s and without siecl 
that the reference to the period is not clear enough (I want mnemonic tags 
as I think these can be appreciated by persons as well as machines).

The prefixes for the first would be fr and I think frm as well;
the prefix for the second would be fr  (unless we extend frm into the 17th 
century as 17th century French can be something of a hybrid; I would not 
object if both fr and frm were still available for 17th century French).

"Whereas if they are indended to be part of a general system covering
>all centuries and all languages then that system needs to be
>worked out - 16thc or 1500s or whatever - along with recommendations
>on use - as to the circumstances in which tags such as fr-1500s or
>frm-1600s are tolerated or even encouraged."
English really stays pretty constant I think during the time that 
Shakespeare's English takes over beginning in the late 16th century, so that 
dates are slightly different from the French dates; I think a tag like 
Elizabth might work better for tagging the English of Shakespeare's day.

But of course the languages in Europe did undergo changes in the Renaissance 
but I think the Italian Renaissance was bit earlier.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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