[Ltru] Alemanic & Swiss German

Brian E Carpenter brc at zurich.ibm.com
Sun Dec 3 09:33:54 CET 2006

 > lang_in_vern = Schwyzerdütsch, Schweizerdeutsch, Schwiizerdütsch,
 >     > Schwyzertütsch, Schwizertitsch

Well, somebody's mailer sure isn't UTF-8, but this illustrates the
point: Swiss German has no orthography. Even in Zueri (Zurich in
Schwyzertütsch) it's commonly referred to as "Mundsprach" (mouth speech)
because it simply isn't a written language, although one or two authors
write in their own orthography.

Also, BTW, the dialect is different in the different regions
of German-speaking Switzerland.

So, whatever the question, there is no right answer. However,
"Swiss German" is definitely the most common English description.

     Brian (who spent 2.5 years in Zurich and completely failed to
absorb Swiss German, but certainly never saw it written down

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