[Ltru] Prefix bug

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed Aug 30 04:06:55 CEST 2006

Mark Davis scripsit:

> Thus #4 ("Values in the field 'Prefix' MAY be modified, so long as
> the modifications broaden the set of prefixes.") implies that once a
> variant is registered *without* a prefix, it can *never* have a Prefix
> added, since that would limit the set of valid prefixes that it can
> be used with. Thus for the FOOBAR case above, once encoded we cannot
> later add a Prefix.

Construe, construe!

#4 does not say that the modification must broaden the set of *valid*
prefixes, simply the set of prefixes (i.e. the set of prefixes mentioned
in the record).

What *is* discrepant is that nothing in 3066bis prevents a tagger
from using a tag like "en-1901", even though that tag is not valid.
2.2.5 should be modified to prevent this.

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