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Wed Aug 30 02:58:58 CEST 2006

I like the first comment: I think that whenever we have prefixes, it would
be useful to have a comment in the format like what you have, for each

  Comments: Prefix 'hy': Western Armenian, as distinct from
   the Eastern dialect.

At first, I didn't know about the second comment. It is covered in the spec,
so I'm not sure it is necessary to repeat the caution for each prefix.
However, given that many people on this list didn't realize that prefixes
limited the scope of variants, maybe we should just do that for each case of
a prefix.


On 8/29/06, Addison Phillips <addison at> wrote:
> Here's my thought:
> I'm downright leery of generic subtags. There is too much room of
> mischief, matching woes, and unnecessary tagging variation. To the
> extent that it is reasonable to do so, the community should restrict
> generic registrations in ways that guide users towards using tags in a
> systematic manner. I personally oppose completely generic registrations
> for that reason, especially by the bushel. Language tag choices are
> difficult enough.
> I don't have a problem with separating "Western Armenian" from "Eastern
> Armenian", though. This appears to describe, to my untrained eye, a
> dialectical distinction, so the registration is in order. Thus, I'd be
> much happier if the registration form said:
>   Type: variant
>   Subtag: western
>   Description: Western dialect
>   Prefix: hy
>   Comments: Prefix 'hy': Western Armenian, as distinct from
>     the Eastern dialect.
>   Comments: This subtag should only be used with the prefixes
>     listed. When multiple prefixes are present, bear in mind
>     that each is a distinct dialect of that language.
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