hakka + xiang (was: Request for variant subtag "boont")

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Aug 30 00:47:25 CEST 2006

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> If the intention is to clean up grandfathered zh-tags it
> could in theory make sense.  In practice this won't work,
> there's no way to get rid of the zh-min cruft.

We really should deprecate the zh-min-* tags since "min" in 639 has nothing to do with Chinese, and in 3066ter the language(s) in question will get a different tag generatively.

For the same reason, I'd deprecate zh-hakka and zh-xiang when we get to 3066ter -- generatively-produced tags will be available for those at that time.

But until then, zh-hakka and zh-xiang are needed.

> No real benefit for parsing zh tags:  You have to look
> for min and guoyu anyway, and at that point you can also
> handle hakka and xiang.

We already deprecated zh-guoyu prior to 3066bis.


Peter Constable

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