Topic selection, cross-posting, and Subjects

Martin Duerst duerst at
Sun Aug 27 10:05:53 CEST 2006

[LTRU WG co-chair hat on]

Executive summary: watch what you are posting where!

It's eays to confuse ltru at and ietf-languages at,
but they both serve a very clear puprose (see below).

It's also easy to reply to a message without changing the Subject,
but changing the Subject when changing the subject/topic of the
discussion is usually very valuable.

ietf-languages at is for actual registrations of tags.
This should be restricted to specific registrations. Any discussions
of RFC 3066ter and related subjects on that list are rather useless,
because they will have to be repeated if and when the actual work
on RFC 3066ter starts. Clarifications on what RFC 3066bis says
(for those who don't read it regularly or remember all the details)
make sense. But any discussion about unclarities in RFC 3066bis
(if there are any) or things that look like they may need an
erratum should be brought to the ltru list.
[Of course, not being responsible for the ietf-languages list,
I leave any kind of enforcement, if deemed necessary, to the
people in charge.]

ltru at is for discussions about RFC 3066bis (all three
documents), in particular for clarifications and errata if they
should be needed. It is also the best place to discuss possible
future work (currently going under the label RFC 3066ter).
This is in accordance with the IETF tradition to leave mailing
lists of closed WGs open for these kinds of discussions.
(Please note that the LTRU WG is not (yet) closed.)
With respect to possible future work, the discussion will of
course start in full if and when the LTRU WG is rechartered;
for the moment, discussion is okay, but will have to remain
non-conclusive. (Nobody can declare consensus on an issue
that we haven't been chartered to deal with.)

In short: Watch what you are posting where!

Regards,     Martin.

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