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Fri Aug 25 19:06:13 CEST 2006

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> From: John Cowan [mailto:cowan at]

> > The 639 JAC is not going to make a practice of introducing 'rkn' as
> > one thing and then shortly afterward changing it to another. If it is
> > intended to be a macrolanguage it will be created as such in 639 from
> > the outset.
> Does this mean that such announcements will be coordinated between
> 639-2/RA and 639-3/RA?  And what happens when the noble Peter and the
> wise Havard have passed on to the Standardization Committee in the Sky
> and are replaced by bumbling Eurocrats from the very worst districts
> of Brussels?  :-)

All good questions for which I don't yet have a complete answer. ‎The JAC is in the process of working out how maintenance of 639-2 and 639-3 will be coordinated. I can say, though, that the view from that side is that the alpha-3 code space of ISO 639 is a single code space that needs to be maintained as a coherent whole. So, nothing will happen in 639-2 that isn't going to get coordinated in an appropriate way with 639-3.

I suppose when all of us have passed on to the SCITS we won't be worrying about what the bumblers that follow in the steps of our bumgling do. :-)


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