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If we have firm stability rules, then I'm ok with #2 also. But these rules
have to be very explicit and strong, something like: Once added to the

   - a language subtag may be deprecated, but never becomes an extlang
   - an extlang subtag may be deprecated, but never becomes a language
   - the relationship of an extlang to a language tag (its macro
   language) may be deprecated, but is never removed.


On 8/25/06, John Cowan <cowan at> wrote:
> Addison Phillips scripsit:
> > The thing that bothers me about #1 is that, heretofore, nearly all
> > language tag processing required only the information in the language
> > tag(s), without reference to informative fields in the registry... that
> > is, one can match language tags "at a glance".
> I agree with this entire posting.
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