New item in ISO 639-2 - Zaza

Addison Phillips addison at
Thu Aug 24 00:45:11 CEST 2006

> But the macrolanguage in 639-3 doesn't just create itself, does it? 
> Suppose -- this is my whole point really -- suppose this happened in the 
> 3066ter era.  The Registry would contain primary language subtags "diq" 
> and "kiu".  Now suppose 639-2 adds "zza" and we need to add it as well. 
> We would have to reclassify "diq" and "kiu" from primary to extended, 
> right?

Stability rules prevent this from happening: a subtag cannot change its 
stripes, or the whole meaning of the term "stability" goes out the 
window. In that case, users would need to decide if 'zza' or 'diq'/'kiu' 
were more appropriate for their content. Another potential solution 
would be that language subtag 'diq' might be deprecated in favor of the 
prefix "zza-diq" (using a new extlang 'diq').


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