New item in ISO 639-2 - Zaza

Doug Ewell dewell at
Wed Aug 23 08:42:22 CEST 2006

Håvard Hjulstad <HHj at standard dot no> wrote:

> The ISO 639 Registration Authorities Joint Advisory Committee 
> (RAs-JAC) has approved the following new item:
> Identifier: zza
> (No alpha-2 identifier assigned)
> English names: Zaza; Dimili; Dimli; Kirdki; Kirmanjki; Zazaki
> French names: zaza; dimili; dimli; kirdki; kirmanjki; zazaki
> Indigenous names: Zaza; Dimili; Dimli; Kirdki; Kirmanjki; Zazaki

Well, now THIS is interesting.  ISO/DIS 639-3 has no code element "zza", 
but it does have "diq" for Dimli and "kiu" for Kirmanjki (both listed as 
languages of Turkey).  So it appears we have a case where the same 
language(s) is (are) represented by different code elements in 639-2 and 

I guess we will add a subtag corresponding to this new 639-2 code 
element, but I'm curious about whether this will force a change in 
639-3, and whether this sort of mismatch could happen after 639-3 goes 
live.  That could make things messy in the Registry in the 3066ter era.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA
Editor, draft-ietf-ltru-initial 

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