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> You're correct; that's different from saying that you personally 
> advocated it.  I'm certainly one of those readers who sees 
> Wikipedia as 
> accurate much more often than not, and probably would have 
> used "roa" to 
> tag such content if John Cowan had not steered me away from it.

Resources like Wikipedia, that become commonly used, set the next
precedents for how people do things. People looking for supporting
information from other sources might look here:
or here and
see that the information given in Wikipedia seems to be good.

Not all users, unfortunately, have such easy 24/7 desktop access 
to a John Cowan. 

> I guess further discussion may be warranted on how best to tag the 
> flavors of Norman French used in the Channel Islands.

.... though current ways and best ways may differ. I guess the
question would be how to deprecate use of either fr-GB or roa for

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