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Fri Apr 21 00:29:58 CEST 2006

Kent Karlsson scripsit:

> Otherwise we have exactly the same issue with AX and FI.
> Note or not, FI presumably used to include Åland, now it
> presumably does not (though I haven't followed the issue
> closely). So sv-FI used to cover both Swedish as used in
> Finland (excl. Åland) and as used in Åland, while now
> they have separate codes, sv-FI and sv-AX. As it happens
> they are not identical (as languages). However, sv-SE
> (official, disregarding dialects) and sv-AX are identical
> as languages...

Fortunately, the AX-FI split happened before our official
event horizon (Date B), and there was never anything, AFAIK,
saying that FI included AX.

> And how about 'nn' and 'nb' vs. 'no'? There is no "guiding
> comment" about those. In practice, I'd say 'no' is equvalent
> to 'nb', even though 'no' should cover both 'nb' and 'nn'.
> This one really needs some kind of guidance.

We'd need to know the history of usage here.  Do people typically
use no or nb nowadays?

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