Jon Hanna jon at
Thu Apr 20 16:35:25 CEST 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:
> Lee Gillam <L dot Gillam at surrey dot ac dot uk> wrote:
>> Wikipedia - apparently bigger than the Encyclopedia Brittanica - 
>> identifies the use of "roa" for Jèrriais. 
>> I merely reported that 
>> those reading such information might use it.
> You're correct; that's different from saying that you personally 
> advocated it.  I'm certainly one of those readers who sees Wikipedia as 
> accurate much more often than not, and probably would have used "roa" to 
> tag such content if John Cowan had not steered me away from it.

I think Wikipedia is a good starting point for research, but useless 
when you want something authoritative (tbh, I think the autoritativeness 
of Encyclopedia Brittanica is often overstated too).

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